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The LINK, Vol. 36, No. 2

May 09, 2017

The LINK, Vol. 36, No. 2

In this edition of The LINK, LAMMICO is proud to announce the development of some up-and-coming solutions to benefit our policyholders – the NAScyberNET Cyber Liability Portal, Practice Solutions, a new Medical Interactive Community (MI) website, and Individual Disability Insurance options. We are also proud to offer medical students and residents the opportunity to preview LAMMICO's risk management education resource, MI, by extending them complimentary access to select courses within our MI suite of risk management education.

As part of our 2014 campaign with the LDH, LAMMICO created an online monograph as an educational tool titled, “Progesterone Use for Reducing Preterm Births" in support of the appropriate use of progesterone. It is available on the LDH and LAMMICO websites free of charge to anyone – whether insured by LAMMICO or not – as an incentive to help reach the established goals for reducing preterm births. We also now offer more pediatric education resources through MI as well. Learn best practices for prescribing off-label drugs in our case study. LAMMICO proudly announces Jennings American Legion Hospital as the winner of the 2nd Annual Patient Safety Award & Grant.

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