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Jennings American Legion Hospital Wins LAMMICO Grant

May 24, 2017

Jennings American Legion Hospital Wins LAMMICO Grant

LAMMICO is proud to announce Jennings American Legion Hospital as the winner of the second annual LAMMICO Patient Safety Award and Grant and to announce the topic for the 2017-2018 Award and Grant.

The award recognizes major achievements by regional hospitals and facilities to improve patient safety and healthcare quality, consistent with LAMMICO's ongoing efforts to mitigate liability through education, assessment, and tailored clinical risk management resources. This annual award program was established to applaud the most outstanding contributions of excellence in patient safety throughout Louisiana and Arkansas.

To demonstrate motivational communication as a result of our online monograph "Surgical Checklists and Patient Outcomes: What's the Verdict?”, the staff at Jennings American Legion Hospital created a short video. The creative and engaging video starred dolls and action figures in the roles of hospital surgical staff demonstrating the surgical checklist process. Hospital staff members will be more likely to retain the important concepts communicated because of the unique presentation. As the winner, Jennings was awarded:

“We are honored to be recognized by LAMMICO and enjoyed making this presentation,” said Dana Steen, R.N., Surgical Charge Nurse at Jennings American Legion Hospital. “We hope we have encouraged others to utilize surgical checklists and raised awareness in patient care and safety.”

Honoree: The Spine Hospital of Louisiana

Due to exceptional reported results in the use of surgical checklists, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, La. was named a Patient Safety Award Honoree. A grant of $2,000 was presented in recognition of achievement. LAMMICO commends both of these hospitals for their commitment to improving patient safety.

Apply Today for the 2017-2018 Patient Safety Award and Grant

The 2017-2018 award and grant program stems from our online education courses entitled "Nursing Hand-off Communication," "ED Handoff Communications," "Hospitalist Handoff" and "Anesthesia Handoff Communication". These courses (both CME and CNE versions) are available on our subsidiary risk management site, Medical Interactive Community.

The hospital and/or ambulatory surgery center in Louisiana, Arkansas, and/or Mississippi that can best demonstrate the methods employed as a result of LAMMICO's risk management courses to enhance handoff communication will be awarded a:

Visit to download the 2017-2018 application today. Contact Lynne Vega, R.N., BSN, LAMMICO Hospital Risk Management Specialist at 504.841.2738 or for more information.


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