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Prescribing Controlled Substances: Things Have Changed

February 16, 2018

Prescribing Controlled Substances: Things Have Changed

The opioid overdose crisis has brought significant regulatory changes to how, when, and why prescribers may write opioid prescriptions. All over the country, nearly all state medical boards have new regulations for prescribers of opioids and controlled substances. In Louisiana, new laws are in place requiring education on prescribing controlled substances to proactively curb opioid abuse:

  • Each prescriber must now complete three hours of education on drug diversion, prescribers' best practices and addiction treatment.
  • This new education requirement is a one-time prerequisite, upon initial licensure or renewal.
  • This new education requirement is included in the credit hours already required by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME), not in addition to the existing requirements.
  • The required education must be completed before licenses are renewed beginning in 2019.

Education Coming March 2018

LAMMICO, in partnership with the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS), is developing a three-hour controlled substance Continuing Medical Education (CME) course directed specifically to the new Louisiana state requirements. The course for Louisiana providers will be titled "Controlled Substances: Prescribing, Diversion Prevention and Addiction Treatment".

LAMMICO policyholders will be able to access the course free of charge by logging in as a Member at Members of the LSMS will also be able to access the course free of charge by logging in to the LSMS website at Louisiana healthcare providers that are neither LAMMICO insureds nor members of the LSMS, may take the course for a fee through LAMMICO's subsidiary risk management education company, Medical Interactive Community, at

Look for an announcement in an upcoming edition of LAMMICO Weekly when the course is available!

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