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Practice Solutions: New Resources to Help With the Daily Challenges of Managing Your Practice

July 27, 2017

Practice Solutions: New Resources to Help With the Daily Challenges of Managing Your Practice

For over 35 years, LAMMICO has served physicians and their practices by offering complimentary and confidential risk management consultations. As the business of medicine continues to evolve, LAMMICO’s Risk Management and Patient Safety Department has expanded our assessment, consultation and catalog of digital resources to help practices address some of the financial and operational aspects of medical practice. When combined with our existing warehouse of other office management and patient safety tools, this robust collection of e-resources will be known as Practice Solutions.

Accessible only by LAMMICO-insured physicians and their office managers registered as Members on, Practice Solutions will initially launch with the following categories of practice management-related services: Risk Reduction, Quality Payment Program (QPP) participation, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Cyber Security. Our current HIPAA compliance services will be augmented in the near future – so be sure to check back in Practice Solutions for the most up-to-date materials.

Information included in each focus area of Practice Solutions is chosen for its timeliness in the healthcare industry, relevance to our insureds and malpractice risk reduction potential.

Risk Reduction
Practice Solutions will include resources such as:

  • Medical Record Management
  • On-Call Risks
  • Referral and Consultation
  • Informed Consent
  • Dismissing a Patient
  • Medication Safety
  • EHR Documentation
  • Patient Tracking and Follow Up
  • Incident Handling
  • Closing a Practice

Quality Payment Program (QPP)

  • Provide details of MACRA legislation and QPP goals
  • Describe the methodology for scoring and reporting
  • Provide information to help insureds select the QPP measures that best meet their unique circumstances

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

  • Define the processes and steps of RCM
  • Provide resources to assist insureds in the development or revision of their financial policies
  • Review best practices for cash controls
  • Educate our insureds on general compliance guidelines
  • Introduce methods for calculating and tracking indicators


  • Templates, checklists and forms for general compliance
  • Definitions and education on preventing, preparing for and handling an audit
  • Security Risk Assessment samples and guidance for completing
  • Guidance on types of hardware, software or technology to avoid breaches or hacks
  • Policies and procedure templates for individual customization

Cyber Security
In partnership with our cyber risk experts, NAS Insurance, Practice Solutions will feature CyberNET® – an advanced cyber risk management resource center with sample policies, incident response plans and other compliance and training materials.

Each new risk mitigating focus area in Practice Solutions will include:

  • A self-assessment tool that can either be downloaded for internal use or completed online and submitted to LAMMICO for confidential consultative evaluation. The information in this assessment will be the catalyst for our consultative services.
  • Personalized consultative services tailored to the needs of the individual practice or physician that will address practice specific questions and concerns. Our confidential consultation can be on-site or by phone.
  • Risk Management education, which will be the centerpiece of each focus area, and tailored to the specific topic at hand. Featured education may include links to LAMMICO’s online videos and live presentations, monographs and articles, as well as best practices when available.
  • Relevant resources and links will be added to the Practice Solutions environment over time, ultimately including links to sample policies, procedures, templates and forms pertinent to the business of medicine.
  • LAMMICO will distribute emails to Members to notify them of program or focus area updates, education and late breaking news of greatest interest to office managers and staff. To subscribe to these updates in advance, visit

For questions about Practice Solutions, please call our Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211 or email Questions specifically about QPP or RCM can be directed to our Practice Management Specialist, Natalie Cohen, at 504.841.2727 or

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